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Sun, 02 Aug 2009

Mythical 70's rock band re-unite in secret Périgord hideaway

Who would have thought that Domme, this sleepy Perigord village in deepest Dordogne, would be the venue for the long awaited reunion of the surviving members of the mythical rock band the Bros and the Sissies. An on-the-spot report from our beautiful French reporter Christine Froggy:

Despite being a little overweight and appearing slightly worn out after the years of drug abuse, alcoholism, mental institutes and rehab clinics, the Bros and Sissies are still going strong in a sleepy village in South West France. Leading duo, Captain Nikos and Colonel Obnoxious (photo right) play regularly here with their erstwhile drummer and backing soprano Marion "and here's to you Mrs" Robinson.

The band still perform their eclectic mixture of Bob Dylan songs (they still can't remember all the lyrics), Jethro Tull (they still can't remember all the chords), Leonard Cohen (they can remember neither the chords nor the lyrics) and the occasional original hit tune from their 70's repertoire, including "When I was Drunk the other Day.." and "Song for Petra von Kant". "Of course it's not the same without Martin" says Colonel Obnoxious referring to band mentor Martin Zero who died from a beer overdose while watching football on TV in the early 90's. The Colonel, now in his late 60's, is just recovering from his 19th session in rehab and his 22nd year without beer.

Captain Nikos agrees "Martin Zero was an inspiration to all of us, we miss him dearly". Nikos, still looking very handsome for his 40 something age, now runs a cookery internet business in France and has the occasionally snog with the author if this article.

Marion "Mrs" Robinson has given up the drums but she can still take photos (see left) and she even listens to Bob Dylan on her iPod. The band are currently recording their 23rd album but have yet to find a record company deal.

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