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Wed, 18 Aug 2010

Granny Sands' birthday

My Grandmothers birthday today, God bless her soul.

This photo dates from March 1917 and was taken in Trindad, about nine months later my mother was born. Do we see that sparkle in her eye?

We are working on a photo exhibition at the museum in the Saint Vincent Botanical Gardens, actually the house where my mother was born (see here).

More information here coming soon.

posted on: 18/08/2010 at 01:31 in category: [/magick] with permanent link

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Back again

After almost a years silence I'm back. These last 12 months have been terrible with
- health problems (I was almost unable to walk for nearly 4 months due to back problems)
- work problems (the film/TV business is governed more and more by Microsoft excel and there are no longer the "criteria" we had in the old days)
- building problems (my house in the Grenadines is taking on monetary proportions that I had not envisaged)
- money problems (why don't people pay my bills on time anymore?)
- sentimental problems (with concise direct dialogue human beings can resolve, or at least discuss, their differences, when there is silence it's like deaf people speaking to each other and misunderstanding makes it worse).

All this to say that over 10,000 pages of this blog are viewed every month and so someone out there is interested and cares.
So please come back here soon: the good things coming up are:
- we put the bonus DVD of THE MOON AND THE SLEDGEHAMMER online, please go here and buy the box set with the movie: TheMoonAndTheSledgehammer.com
- the fuel cell project in Dordogne is about to start and we are negotiating with the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines government to bring clean waste-to-energy low cost electricity to the islands for nearly half the price they pay today
- our rigid airship is about to take off
- volume two of Denis Weldone's time travel thriller is nearly finished (click here for volume one)
- some great new songs will appear here soon
- new recipes of course
- new category about healing, Shamanism and related topics
- and many other interesting things including more recipes, memorable restaurants, eco-architecture, heavy cult stuff, and lots more (maybe even some pornography!!).

posted on: 18/08/2010 at 01:10 in category: [/magick] with permanent link

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