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Sun, 12 Feb 2012

Whitney Houston

Very strange yesterday. We have a couple of Northern Lapwings that turned up in the garden. They came to the window and I saw them watching Dionne Warwick being interviewed on the telly. I had a memory of my encounter with Whitney Houston.
I was at the Fairmont in Dubai and coming back from a long day at the office, I went down to the pool for a swim. The sunset pool, pictured here on the right.
This beautiful girl down the other end of the pool with a little girl, no doubt her daughter, shouted very loudly "wow look at that handsome muscular man coming into the pool".
It took a while for me to realize that she was talking about me. Obviously I had an admirer.
I sort of gently swam over in her direction, she was smiling at me invitingly.
At that point this large gorilla-like bodyguard guy arrived from no-where and looked at me as if I was swimming in the wrong direction and maybe turning around and swimming the other way would be a good idea.
And that is what I did.
"That's Whitney Houston" someone muttered to me discretely as I dried off in the setting sun. She indeed had a concert in Dubai that same night.
Sad day today.

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