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Fri, 23 Nov 2012

Larry Hagman

Very sad news today about Larry Hagman.
He came to our house a few years ago to be presenter on stage at a nearby music Festival.
In keeping with a recent "Biblical humor" post here, Larry was stoned most of the time he was here. He didn't smoke the stuff, he made cookies and vacuum packed them. When customs officers at the airport would ask what they were, he would say, "those are my cookies, my grandmothers recipe, that's all I ever eat for breakfast. Don't you recognize me? I'm JR, do you want an autograph?".
To cut a long story short, Larry fell over a cable walking onto stage the first night of the festival. He was sufficiently stoned not to be bothered by what was obviously a broken wrist and he continued presenting the show into the early hours. When we finally got him to hospital and they put a plaster on his wrist (see photo left), he said, "this is great, I can't sign any more autographs this week!."
In the end we bought him an ink pad and he would give a thumbprint instead of an autograph.
His wife Maj (also in photo) was very funny too during their visit here. She would say, "I only let Larry out on his pushbike now, but I've got the Ferrari."
Larry would reply "but you never take the Ferrari out, it hasn't been used for so long, the last time we looked at it there was a colony of mice living in the car!"

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